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Because you want the best possible start for your children

As a parent, we know that the best possible future for our children begins with the best possible start. The early years of our children’s lives are the most important for building language and social skills, and that’s why we want to make the most of this time to help them to learn... Read more

peter piper picked - makaton courses & baby signing courses
Peter Piper Picked

As a Speech and Language Therapist within the NHS my caseload was increasing with less hands on therapy time to… Read More

Makaton Sign Language Courses

     Dawn is an Experienced Makaton Tutor and Ambassador for the Makaton Charity. Dawn is running ONLINE Makaton courses for parents,… Read More

Baby Signing Courses

Dawn is running Makaton Online workshops to teach early signs, symbols and words to your baby or child before they can talk! This has been proven… Read More