As a Speech and Language Therapist within the NHS my caseload was increasing with less hands on therapy time to see children individually and really get to know them, their families, their wants and needs and to see that my work was making a difference to them and their lives.

As a real believer in the NHS and all that it stands for, it has taken me many years to decide to leave and set up as an independent therapy practice. I have worked in the NHS in London, Worcester, Gloucestershire, Bristol and South Gloucestershire areas and I have seen first hand how speech and language services have decreased and have been stretched during the past thirty years. As a parent myself, I believe that families need some extra speech and language help within Gloucestershire and have the right and the choice to do so. With this in mind, Peter Piper Picked was born- a name to reflect the fun, the listening skills, the speech and language therapy work with children and families at its Centre. Here are the areas that Peter Piper Picked specialises in:

  • Articulation and Phonological Therapy – Working with the production of sounds
  • Verbal Dyspraxia- Working with difficulties in Co-ordination of speech
  • Expressive Language Delay or Disorder- Working with language and rules of language
  • Attention, Listening or Memory Skills- Building up these skills with gradual instructions
  • Receptive Language /Comprehension Skills- Working with understanding of language
  • Stuttering –Working to improve fluency of speech
  • Word Finding Difficulties- Activities to help improve this
  • English as an additional Language – How language develops, word order and grammar
  • Training in Language Development and how to help.
  • Training in Articulation, Sound Development and how sounds are made.
  • Selective Mutism
  • Auditory Processing difficulties and listening difficulties with Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation programme.
  • Dawn is a Makaton Sign Language and Safeguarding Tutor and runs training sessions in Gloucestershire regularly and within your organisation at request throughout the year- please see the section for upcoming course dates.

Please feel free to or call me on 01452 740453 if you would like to know more about any of these areas or to discuss your child and family’s needs.