Why an Independent Practice?

NHS budgets have been getting smaller as Speech and Language Therapy caseloads have grown, resulting in longer waiting lists for assessment and individual therapy has often become limited to four or six sessions rather than how many sessions a child needs.

There are fantastic Speech and Language Therapists working for the NHS and I have worked alongside them. I am not competing with the NHS service but attempting to help fill the gaps that have arisen over the past few decades and to give parents an additional choice within Gloucestershire and beyond. The Royal College of Speech and Language therapists and HCPC recommend that NHS SLTs and Independent SLTs work collaboratively together and share information in order to work for the best possible client outcomes which I do on a regular basis.

The important early years

As a parent, we know that the best possible future for our children begins with the best possible start. The early years of our children’s lives are the most important for building speech and language skills, and that’s why we want to make the most of this time to help them to learn. If a child with a speech and language delay receives extra support from the important adults in his life, they can make significant gains. Early speech and language intervention is critically important for these children to develop the communication skills necessary for success in their future lives and to improve their confidence.

Helping children reach their potential

Simply put, the earlier children receive the help they need, the better their communication outcomes will be. Helping children reach their potential, empowering parents and providing them with tools to help their children gives us great job satisfaction and is the reason many of us entered the Speech and Language profession in the first place.

Dawn is a Johansen IAS therapist- Individualized Auditory Stimulation provider which is very exciting. Dawn trained under an Audiologist in Canada in order to fulfil CASLPO (Ontario Regulations for Speech and Language Pathologists) when working in Canada. Dawn can now do a listening profile for your child looking at how they are hearing, how their ears are listening for children with attention and listening difficulties, intermittent hearing with glue ear early in life, speech and language delay, literacy difficulties, dyslexia, auditory processing difficulties. In optimum hearing we would expect to see a smooth curved audiograph but in children with auditory processing difficulties the listening profile often shows disorganized spikes, crossovers between left and right ear dominance and oversensitivity or under sensitive to certain frequencies. By targeting these with specific individualized music CD’s over a period of 7-12 months these children can improve and get closer to the optimum hearing curve which can have an effect on their speech, language, social skills and learning and attention long term within the classroom.

Dawn also offers various Makaton sign language courses ONLINE for Parents and Carers of children with speech and language needs and the professionals who work with those children or adults within Gloucestershire and further afield, Makaton Safeguarding, Using Makaton with singing, Makaton Signing with babies and Makaton Signing with Babies train the trainer ONLINE . Details of the next course dates are on the About Page.

What to do next

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s babycommunication skills then please feel free to or call me on 01452 740453.