Once we’ve spoken on the phone and determined the plan of action you will have an estimate of how much the initial appointment will be.

After meeting your child online and an assessment or screening takes place, you will know roughly how many sessions will be undertaken, how often and how much these will be. I try to give an example of other children I have worked with and how many sessions may be needed to work on that particular speech and language issue- obviously all children are unique but this will give you a rough idea of how many online sessions it may take to correct that issue. I also work with children either once a fortnight or once a month depending on your finances with lots of ideas and work to be completed between sessions via email to yourselves as parents and your child’s nursery or school staff with your consent.

Your guide to fees

During the Corona Virus Pandemic Dawn is now seeing children and their families online through SLT teletherapy practice. I’m offering therapy online at £65 for half an hour face to face session online. This includes a follow up email with advice and recommendations after the face to face session.

  • An initial assessment appointment will be charged at an hourly rate of £65 – the timing will be agreed prior to the assessment with you over the telephone. Many children can be assessed within the first appointment but others may need a more in-depth assessment and a couple of sessions to complete this.
  • A Speech and Language summary or Progress Report is £30.
  • A more detailed Speech and Language Assessment, Reassessment and or Treatment Report is £90 or charged hourly up to a maximum of £260.
  • Individual therapy sessions are charged at £65. The session fee includes all planning and preparation, 30 minutes face to face, liaison, note keeping and email. Only online appointments are being offered now and in the foreseeable future.
  • Any additional requested reports, phone calls or meetings are charged at £65 per hour and where possible the price and time will be agreed beforehand with you.

ASLTIP or RCSLT is not allowed, by law, to give specific advice on charges as this could be perceived as breaching the Competition Act by setting fees.

Can you claim the cost of Speech and Language Therapy?

If you have health insurance you may be able to claim the cost of speech and language therapy. Some independent speech and language therapists are registered with insurance companies and most are eligible to do so. However you will generally have to pay the therapist and claim the fees from you insurance company. It is therefore essential that before you start treatment you:

  • Check with your insurers whether the costs of treatment will be covered before agreeing to pay for speech therapy.
  • Check with your insurers that the company accepts the authority of the doctor who has referred you to speech and language therapy.
  • Check the company’s payment policy, as some take a long time to process an account.

Payment details:
Payment is made by BACS and Dawn will email her details via Wave Accountancy app invoice or you can pay via Paypal to dawn@peterpiperpicked.co.uk within 7 days of receiving an invoice. If payment has not been received prior to the next session then Dawn may cancel that appointment and issue a reminder of payment. Please use your child’s initials for Reference- prompt payment is always appreciated. There will be a charge of £30 for any appointment cancelled without good reason within 24 hours and full price will be charged for any no-show appointments online.