Many thanks to all who contributed to the testimonials below.


‘We asked Dawn to come and see our 3 year old son after his nursery teacher informed us they were a bit concerned about his speech and they thought he may need extra help before going to school in September. Dawn came to our home and patiently played with our son and all of his Avengers! Luckily for us she informed us these were age appropriate and not speech problems and a few months down the line his speech is perfect, as she said it would be. He still asks if Dawn can come to play with him now. She made us all (especially our little boy) feel very comfortable and us, as parents, very relieved. We can’t recommend her enough.’ -Mrs T (Parent)

‘When concerns were passed on to me from my son’s school nursery about the development of his language skills I was initially very concerned. Traits and habits that my wife and I either hadn’t been too concerned about or hadn’t noticed were flagged up as possible problems. I spoke to Dawn as I was aware of her training as a speech & language therapist. She carried out a consultation with my son in our home and gave us a summary of the difficulties and problems my son had. She reassured us that these were easy to correct and, with the appropriate exercises and training, he would progress on from those problems and in the long term he would have no sign of any speech difficulties. Dawn was very helpful and reassuring, and her analysis of the situation has, three years down the road, proved to be accurate. My son was totally at ease throughout the consultation and regarded it more as a game; lots of fun and nothing like a medical consultation.’ – Mr C (Parent)

‘Dawn has developed a good relationship with the child she is working with and he enjoys these sessions. Her sessions are tailored to his needs and steps are small and achievable. He is making good progress and is proud of his achievements.’ Mrs G (Teacher)

‘Dawn was really supportive and conducted an accurate assessment of my school aged child with advisory guidance.’ Mrs G (Parent)

‘Dawn has a warm and friendly personality which puts children at ease. She uses fun activities and lots of praise to make sessions enjoyable.’ Mrs D (SENCO)

‘For a while I had recognised that I needed to find someone to help my daughter with her lisp, as it was not only affecting her speech, but her spelling and her reading.  By chance, Dawn came into our lives which was a blessing.  She has now started work with my daughter helping her understand how she is speaking and teaching her how to put it right.  It is going to take a little while as my daughter has to correct a number of things but I am totally confident that, with Dawn’s help, we will crack it.  She has taken a big worry off my shoulders.’ Mrs F (Parent)

‘ I just wanted to say thank you so much again for a lovely Makaton Baby Sign Language course I thoroughly enjoyed it and my daughter certainly enjoyed the playtime! It was a perfect venue, really nice size group, lovely people and the content was exactly as I’d expected. I’ve learnt more than I ever thought I’d remember and will certainly continue to use signing. It was so nice to meet you and I hope all your future courses go well. I will miss our Wednesday mornings but it’s given me the confidence to socialise with other mums and try new groups. ‘ Mrs T (Parent)

‘I attended the Makaton taster workshop that you conducted at Allsorts this evening. Firstly, I would like to say that I really enjoyed the session! I found it amazing how when I got home and tried to use some of the signs that I had learned while talking to my brother who is non-verbal and uses Makaton to communicate at school, he responded instantly and seemed really enthusiastic about how I was using the signs to communicate with him. Therefore, if I am available to attend, I will definitely try to come to the course that you mentioned at the end of the session so that I can continue learning Makaton.’ Miss Y (Student)