Dawn is running Beginner Makaton sign language courses to teach early signs and words to your baby or toddler before they can talk! This has been proven to increase their speech clarity, helps their speech develop and improves their understanding of speech and language and lowers the frustration for babies, toddlers, their parents and families. Babies are able to show what they want before they can talk!

Makaton Beginners Signing courses are designed to inform parents and carers how to encourage the development of communication and language skills in babies and toddlers. As a Specialist Speech and language therapist, Dawn will be giving lots of tips on early speech and language development during the two day training using examples of early play, early body and action rhymes and songs to use with your signs and symbols with your baby/toddler. The next Makaton Beginners course is running on Tuesdays 6th and 13th November 2018 in Gloucester. You will learn what words babies first use, early sounds, how babies learn visually, how much they may understand and where to start with your baby/toddler and ideas of how to move them on to the next step. These groups are for parents/carers only but you can immediately take the information home and get going with your toddler, baby and start building on their communication ability.  Children find signing fun it makes them make sense of words and makes them understand their world around them that bit more before they begin to talk and copy the signs.  The groups are a fun informal way of learning together with other parents/carers within the Gloucestershire area and sessions are geared towards your children with as much information as possible as we go along. Courses are £150 for professionals or a reduced rate for any parent/carer for £120.

If you are a parent/carer or toddler group/nursery please contact Dawn as she can provide your group with Makaton Taster Courses to teach you some early signs and symbols to build speech,  language and action songs to encourage speech and language. You could become a Makaton Friendly establishment and use the ‘okey’ sign on your leaflets and website when the majority of your staff are trained in basic Makaton signs and symbol use! These courses are a ‘taster’ session so that you can find out more about Makaton Sign language before booking on a more formal training course and remain very affordable at around £10 per participant- contact Dawn for more information.

Please or call me on 01452 740453 to book a place on this course or for more details about the next available Makaton Baby Sign Language group within the Gloucestershire area. Dawn is happy to run one in your area too.